• Mais Ibrahim

    Mais Ibrahim

    • Specialist ( A ) of OBS/GYN
    • -Master's degree in OBS/GYN from Damascus university
    • -Antenatal care, laboratory tests ultrasound 2D/RD , high-risk pregnancy, cervical cerclage and amniocentesis.

      -Vaginal & cesarean delivery.

      -Laparotomies hysterectomies, myomectomies ovarian cysts, anterior & posterior vaginal repair stress incontinence.

      -Laparoscopy &hysteroscopy.

      -Diagnosis & treatment of cervical disease (pap smear colposcopie , cryocautherization ,HPV vaccination).

      -Subfertility, Family Planning, Pregnancy COUNSELING.

      -Post menopausal problem, P.C.O , hirsutism menstrual cycle disturbance counseling.

      -laser therapy in activation gynecologic tissue.

    • Sunday to Wednesday

    • 10:00 AM-1:00 PM and 5:40 PM-9:00PM
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